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Funny Tshirt Store - Individualitee Funny Custom Tshirt Shop. a custom tshirt store offering funny tshirts, custom tshirts, vintage tshirts, novelty tshirts and cool tshirt designs. You can also design and make your own custom tshirt design by using our 'DIY' tshirt creation tool. It's easy! Our custom tshirt shop delivers all over the world too. Visit our custom tshirt store now and get a great original funny tshirt or make your own custom tshirt design today!

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6th July 2009
Featured: Inner Demon
eM has got his 'Inner Demon' submitted to Threadless on an Israeli design site which has a Russian Doll feature. We have no idea what they say about it but we're assuming it's all kosher.

29th June 2009
New Design: StereoType
You remember that design eM did, well it's now won at Uneetee and you can buy it from there.

22nd November 2008
New Threadless Design: StereoType
You want a retro music? You got it. Vote well and vote liberally.

14th June 2008
New Threadless Design: Back Deck
Just like a bus, you don't see one for a while then two come along.

13th June 2008
New Threadless Design: Top Banana
A common misconception about evolution is that guns evolved from bananas.

25th March 2008
Got a cheeky little link from these boys, so cheers to them. Give them a cheeky little visit too.

24th March 2008
Check out, they had some good words to say about Individualitee so they're obviously classy and intelligent scholars.

21st March 2008
7 New Designs!
Holy crap! You wait ages for a new design then 7 come along at once. eM has worked flat out to get 7 new designs to the masses; Re:Cycle, Moby's Whale Meat, Peace of Cake, Kitty Litter, TV Star, Happy Pills and Bacon and Eggs.

10th March 2008
Threadless Interview with eM
eM been interviewed by Threadless after getting a 4th design printed. Check it out.

18th December 2007
Threadless Design Winner!: Keep Your Eye On The Bowl
eM has got another winning design over at Threadless. Check it out and get one quick before they sell out.

30th September 2007
New Threadless Design: Neck Tie
Here's a new design by eM submitted to Threadless. Seems like he's hit a touchy subject here, you either love it or you're offended by it. Check it out.

31st August 2007
Special UK Offer: Get 3 Quid Off!
The first 3 people to email me will get a voucher code that enables you to get 3 quid off at the Individualitee UK Shop! ENDED

23rd August 2007
New Threadless Design: Arms Raid
Venus de Milo vs Ganesh - the ultimate arms race!

8th August 2007
Threadless Design Winner!: Sea-Saw II
In March eM designed Sea-Saw II and now a few months later it has been deemed a winner at Threadless and it's now available. It's a beauty so check it out!

8th July 2007
New Threadless Design: Re:Cycle
A reworking of an old design. Place your vote.

10th June 2007
New UK DIY Tshirt Designer Tool
Now we have the DIY tshirt designer tool available to the UK and the rest of Europe. Check it out and design your own individual tee!

3rd June 2007
We're One Year Old!
By the powers of Greyskull, that went quick! I remember when this were all fields.

25th May 2007
Spring 2007 Newsletter Out
The latest newsletter is out. You can view it here and check out what we've been doing for the past few months.

5th May 2007
New Threadless Design: Happy Pills
Get your voting fingers at the ready for yet another design on Threadless. eM is on a roll and hasn't slept for 4 months.

3rd May 2007
New Design: Read My Lips
We've got a new design up in the store for the ladies called 'Read My Lips', check it out.

1st May 2007
Thanks!: Fantastic Bonanza
Thanks to Joe over at for some kind words in reviewing us. Check out their blog for more tshirt news and reviews.

24th April 2007
New Threadless Design: Food For Thought
Check out eM's new design submission to Threadless and vote for it.

21st April 2007
T-Shirt Alert have written a cheeky line or two about our site so here's some mutual loving from us. Check out their site for lots of tshirt stuff.

3rd April 2007
USA and Canada - Get 21% Off Baseball Tees!
Get a 21% reduction on any of the three products in the Baseball Tee category. Offer ends on 30th April. US code: FASTBALL - Canadian code: CADFASTBALL.

30th March 2007
Subscribe to Individualitee's RSS Feeds
We've gone all hi-tech and have a few RSS feeds you can subscribe to so you can stay updated with all the new products being added to the store and any news we may have.

26th March 2007
USA and Canada - Get 25% Off!
Chose your stuff, go to the shopping cart and then Yanks enter this code: SECRETBLOGSALE and Canucks enter this one: CASECRETBLOGSALE. This ends on 31st March so don't delay get in there now you crazy fools!

15th March 2007
Threadless Design: Sea-Saw II
eM has submitted another beauty to Threadless, check it out. Vote liberally and comment verbosely.

11th March 2007
New Designs: Love Band-Aid and RGB
Check out the new designs. Love Band-Aid for all those who need to fix a broken heart, this new tshirt will completely cure you. Promise. RGB is a subtle reminder to recycle your old monitors.

13th February 2007
Spreadblog Interview
The guys from posed us a few questions about Individualitee. Check out the interview and add some wicked comments about how brilliant we are.

22nd January 2007
Threadless Design: Read My Lips and Moving Image
eM has been busy putting together another couple of designs for Threadless. Go check out 'Read My Lips' and give it a generous vote. Also, check out 'Moving Image' because there's a prize to be won and you'd make eM the happiest little kid in his street if he won.

16th January 2007
Happy New Year - FREE Shipping (US and CA Only)
Happy New Year to everyone. We've both been busy on other things during Christmas so there hasn't been much going on here. However, orders from the US and Canadian stores get FREE Shipping within the US and Canada until the end of January. Also, eM has been submitting more designs to Threadless so go check them out.

20th November 2006
Exclusive Individualitee Design on Threadless!
eM has been moonlighting and double-fisting his tshirt designing capabilities recently and submitted a design to Threadless. If you don't already know, Threadless is a tshirt community where designers submit designs for users to vote on, the very best ones then get printed. eM, being the master designer that he is, recently got his 'Coat Of Arms' design selected to be printed by the big boys over at Threadless. Arm yourself!

27th September 2006
Thanks!: TCritic
Thanks to for reviewing some of our designs and the site.

27th September 2006
Thanks!: T-Shirt Island
Thanks to T-Shirt Island for checking us out. Cheers guys.

21st September 2006
Threadless Design: Lucky 7
Vote for eM's latest Threadless design entry, Lucky 7. Vote well and comment liberally my friends.

11th September 2006
New Designs: Sex Bombs
It's raining down Sex Bombs here at Individualitee HQ! Lying back and thinking of England defuses them though....*Liz Hurley*...Damn!....*Kate Moss*....Bollocks....!!BOOM!!

1st September 2006
New Individualitee Celebriteez!
We got some new Celebriteez in the Galleree. Check out these handsome son's of bitches.

14th July 2006
Thanks to for giving Individualitee a little bit of love and affection.

3rd July 2006
Thanks!: ILoveYourTshirt
We want to thank for writing about us on their site.

3rd July 2006
Thanks!: Teees
Thanks to for some kind words and a prescious link. Here's a reach around.

26th June 2006
New Designs: Sexualitee and Pirate Tape
We've covered all the bases in the new Sexualitee range of designs, plus there's a Pirate Tape design, in memoriam, since getting killed off by DVD's and online downloads.

20th June 2006
New Design: Re:Cycle
Check out the new Re:Cycle design in the store. A cool environmentally friendly tshirt you can wear whilst out cruising in your Hummer.

3rd June 2006
Thanks for visiting Individualitee V1 June 2006! We are live and very proud of what we've created over the past 9 months. We hope you enjoy your visit and check back regularly as we're going to keep adding to this site in both content and product. As we are but new born's to this world please let us know of any bugs you encounter on your travels and we will be sure to fix them as best we can - otherwise happy shopping and we hope you enjoy Individualitee!

3rd June 2006
Canadian Lynn now living in Greece - Cheers for the JavaScript input, much appreciated! To all the residents of the 'Halls of Non-Residence' without our weekly correspondence this would never of happened! Megan for putting up with eM and all those lonely nights while he burnt the midnight oil to get the designs in order! Doreena for coming in there at the end - you smoke girl! The Arctic Monkeys for 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'. Also, for this website, Ben mostly listened to; Radiohead, The Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Shadow and Ulrich Schnauss to keep him going. For the technicalities; Aquarium Hosting, Spreadshirt, PHP List, Zen Photo and W3Schools for those braindead moments. Oh! and we'd also like to thanks The Academy, Our Lord above, Elvis etc, etc...

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